Thursday, April 9, 2009

Starting the Nutrisystem Diet

If you look at the graph on the home page of, you'll see that on February 24, I was a whopping 219.8 pounds. With no changes to my diet but exercise on the Wii, I was able to drop that to 202.6 pounds. That seems to be where I settled for about a week.

Add a week of poor eating habits (think: unlimited chocolate, free bagels in the office, not to mention clearing out all the junk in the fridge plus one last visit to McDs for dinner), and it looks like I crept back up to 205.5 pounds. That's going the wrong direction to 175.

So I'm starting the Nutrisystem Diet tomorrow. As you see from my post the other day, I have all the food, so it's just a matter of filling out the little book and deciding what to eat every day for the next two months. I decided to start slow and fill it out just for the next two days.

I gotta admit it's fun to choose from the huge assortment of food I got from Nutrisystem. I get to choose between Pizza and Chicken Alfredo and Lasagna and dozens of other tasty entrees.

What makes it a little complicated is that in order for it to work its best, you need to supplement it with fruits, vegetables, dairy and protein and "good carbs". So for those who dream that Nutrisystem means they never have to go grocery shopping again, you're out of luck. My plan is to go to BJs once every few weeks to stock up, although that probably means I'll be eating the same fruits and vegetables for days.

So, I planned out Friday 4/9/09 and Saturday 4/10/09. I decided to make Friday a day to try out the standard food, and Saturday a day to try out the frozen food. I'll post as much as I can on daily basis to let you know my progress.

On the exercise front, I worked out using Gold Gym Cardio for about 30 minutes, and then the Aerobic exercises on the Wii Fit for another 15 minutes today.


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