Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 32 to 37 - Starting up Nutrisystem again

So, this week you could say I was half back on Nutrisystem and half not. I ate out quite a bit, but for the most part I tried to get back on the routine. Here's how it went.

Day 32 (Mon, 5/11)
Breakfast: Apple Strudel Scone (6/10). Like the scone I had a few weeks ago it was a bit dry, but again, maybe that's the way a scone is supposed to taste. It went down very well with English Breakfast tea that I brewed in my Keurig Coffee/Tea Maker. It was certainly one of the more sophisticated breakfasts I've had in a while. It was jolly good.

Lunch: For lunch, I had planned on eating a cup of Black Bean Tortilla Soup, but my boss told us he was taking our team out for lunch. And so I ended up eating a LOT of buffalo wings. Really, really good buffalo wings. And also a steak (11/10).

Dinner: Dinner that night was leftover buffalo wings and steak. So much for getting back on the wagon...

Day 33 (Tue, 5/12)
Breakfast: Got back on the wagon with Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins, and this time in my Keurig I brewed a cup of Lemon Zinger Herbal tea. The muffins had good flavor, but did have the density of hockey pucks. Still, again, they went down smooth with the tea. (6/10)

Lunch: One other thing they do in the office during Mother's Day period is bring in a lot of munchies. And so I did a bad thing by munching on some snacks all morning. Bad snacks like cheetos, potato chips, and my ultimate weakness, SpongeBob Cheez-Its. And so by the time lunch rolled around, I had already eaten a bunch of snacks.

Dinner: For dinner that night, I took my sweetie to a thin-crust pizza place in my town. As bad as this sounds for the diet, the pizza was pretty healthy--one was a margherita pizza with fresh tomato sauce and basil, while the other was loaded with broccoli rabe.

Day 34 (Wed, 5/13)
Breakfast: Wednesday was the first day I was completely, completely back on the diet. For breakfast, I had Egg Frittata from the shelf-stable box. This is one of those "science experiment" Nutrisystem meals. It comes as powder in a pouch. You add water and stir, and then microwave it for 70 seconds, and then you keep microwaving it at 20-second intervals until the liquid is gone. I admit, I was amazed. I had made egg frittata from scratch before (it involved a whole carton of eggs), and this one tasted pretty authentic, with a cheesy flavor and bits of red bell pepper, mushrooms, and other things that made it yummy (9/10).

frittata mix
fritatta done
Lunch: For lunch, I had a Nutrisystem Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar (6/10). Like the other bars, pretty good taste and crunchy texture, I only knock off a point because I'm one of those odd ones don't care for peanut butter in chocolate bars. I did eat more junk in lieu of a properly proportioned Nutrisystem snack, but kept it down to a minimum.

Dinner: For Dinner that night, I went to the shelf-stable box and had Beef and Noodles in Teriyaki Sauce (7/10). As you know the pattern by now, the food itself was not the most appetizing to look at (like all the others, it was basically chunks of food in a brown sauce). But the taste was pretty good, and there were nice sized chunks of chewy beef, water chestnuts, and baby corn.

Dessert: Another ice cream sandwich. Gotta love the ice cream sandwiches.

Day 35 (Thu, 5/14)
Breakfast on Thursday was a mango.

Lunch: For lunch, I finally had the Black Bean Tortilla Soup from the shelf-stable box (6/10). It was one that came in the "instant noodles" type of cup, where you add hot water and let it steep for a few minutes. This was perhaps one of the nastiest looking of the dishes, it was just a gooey brown paste. But then again, maybe that's what Black Bean Tortilla Soup is supposed to look like. The taste was pretty good. Distinctive taste of mashed up beans and crunchy bits of tortilla.

Dinner: I took my sweetie out for her birthday to Nobu in New York that night (it was the first time either of us had been). If you want to go on a diet, this is the place, because you are treated to about 30 bites of food for the same money you'd otherwise use to buy 50 Big Macs. I must say, the food was presented exceptionally, and the taste was fantastic. We got the Fresh Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno Shiromi Usuzukuri (octopus), the Rock Shrimp Tempura with Creamy Spicy Sauce, the Washu, and the Beef Broiled Black Cod with Miso (8/10). And afterwards, we went across the street for a $2.75 slice of pizza :)

nobunobunobunobunobu cod
(if you're not reading the posts and just looking at the pictures, no this is not on the Nutrisystem plan!)

Day 36 (Fri, 5/15)
Breakfast: Friday's breakfast was a Chocolate Chip Granola Bar (7/10). Not bad taste, and nice texture as all their bars go.

Lunch: For lunch, I fixed up from the frozen box another Toasted Ham and Cheese (the one that looks like a Pop-Tart). Still a winner.

Dinner: For Dinner that night, my g/f and I had to find somewhere quick to eat, and I was very, very quick to suggest McDonalds. We've only been going out for a little under two months, so I hope she wasn't too weirded out when I started talking to my Quarter Pounder with Cheese, telling it how much I missed it (12/10).

Day 37 (Sat, 5/16)
Breakfast: Breakfast on Saturday morning was the "Scrambled Egg With Veggie Sausage Crumble" from the shelf-stable box (7/10). This is another one of those "chemistry experiment" meals, where I'd fill up the cup with 1/2 cup of water, pop it in the microwave, and behold, scrambled eggs magically appeared. Unlike the previous scrambled eggs, this one contained "veggie sausage crumble". I'm not sure what this means, but I assume the little chewy bits are meant to simulate sausage but are made of vegetables. In any case, they didn't have much taste, although they had decent texture.

egg powder

Lunch: Lunch was Beans and Ham soup (7/10), which came in the little tin. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from the name and the picture, but the taste was pretty good. It reminded me of eating baked beans, only the sauce was more subtle.

Dinner: For dinner tonight, I'm going to my brother's house for a big birthday party we're having for my nieces. I expect cake and a lot of good food. But I'll keep it to one plate.

So, after a week of no Nutrisystem and another week with off-and-on Nutrisystem, I would have expected my weight to go up. But strangely (and happily), I've shot back down under the Mendoza line again. I'm at 197.8. I think it must be a combination of good eating habits (snacks notwithstanding), and the fact that the nice weather has gotten me exercising more. Let's see if this continues.

I haven't exercised on the Wii in a while, but that will change this coming week when I get EA Sports Active when it's released. Look for a review coming soon.


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