Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 1 of the Nutrisystem Diet - Breakfast. So far so good.

I probably won't give you detailed account of every single thing I eat every single day for the next month, unless I'm going after the World's Most Boring Blog award. But since this is the first day, I thought I'd expound a little on the experience.

I'm normally someone who skips breakfast. Over the years, I just stopped eating it, and my body eventually got used to it. But this is bad for several reasons. First, when you starve yourself, you tend to eat bigger portions later on in the day. Second, the main purpose of eating is to give your body fuel for the day, and if the tank is empty you're going to have a hard time getting going. Third, they say that lots of small meals is much better for your body's metabolism than one or two gigantic meals. And I am the king of low metabolism, so I need all the help I can get. I have friends who lose weight when they sneeze, when I can go days without food and gain weight :P

Anyway, today's breakfast consisted of Nutrisystem Blueberry Muffins. Now, just to set expectations, they were hardly bakery fresh. I'd say they were more like a very, very thick and soft cookie, the kind you'd find in the cookie aisle. Still, it tasted okay. It was soft, and pretty satisfying.

Nutrisystem book tells you to add a "dairy or protein" and a "fruit", so I referenced the back of the book for acceptable ones. I ended up adding a hard-boiled egg and a banana, which I happened to have. They also say to add a "carbohydrate", but I didn't have any of that handy.

Since on Iron Chef, presentation is a big chunk of the score, I figured I'd be a little creative with what the meal looked like:

I admit, I feel like a bit of a glutton, because I normally don't eat this much in the beginning of the day. But in a way, I think Nutrisystem is teaching me good eating habits.

I'll post later in the day to talk about lunch and dinner and all these snacks I'm supposed to be eating.


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